Case Study

Franzese Wines – A Journey from the Underworld to the Vineyard


Franzese Wines is more than simply a wine brand; it represents forgiveness and regeneration. Franzese Wines was established by Michael Franzese, a former high-ranking personnel of the Columbo criminal family, and Samvel Hakobyan. The company’s mission is to introduce the United States to the rich legacy of Armenian wine.  Michael Franzese, often known as “The Prince of the Mafia,” discovered a new purpose in life after quitting the criminal underground. Locked in solitary confinement, Franzese reevaluated his life’s course and elected to leave the mob, a move that came with tremendous consequences, including threats to his life. 

Fortune magazine ranked Michael Franzese 18th on their list of the “50 most wealthy and powerful Mafia bosses” in 1986. Hakobyan has been watching Franzese’s journey from mafia leader to serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  

Hakobyan proposed entering the wine business after the outbreak of conflict in Armenia in 2021. With familial roots in the nation, Hakobyan intended to realise a desire to aid people while also sharing a distinct aspect of Armenian heritage with regular Americans. He was motivated and supported by his uncle, who has been producing wine for 25 years and has travelled the world to refine his processes. 

With Armenian roots, Samvel Hakobyan was inspired by Franzese’s journey to create a brand that would convey distinctive Armenian wines together with a message of hope and redemption. 


One of the most significant problems was making certain that the wine was delivered in a secure and timely manner. It is essential to handle wine with extreme caution to preserve its quality because it is a fragile and perishable commodity. Both the wine shipper and the merchant would incur additional expenses if the product were damaged or spoiled as a consequence of any delay or mismanagement that occurred during the shipping process.  

Discovering carriers that could handle the shipment of wine was another difficulty that needed to be considered. Several carriers do not possess the necessary licences to deliver alcoholic beverages and those that do typically demand a higher fee for their services. T3RA was tasked with locating carriers that were not only licensed but also dependable and cheap. 


Franzese Wines trusted T3RA Logistics with the end-to-end logistics of their wine from the Armenia plant to their warehouse in Sacramento, California. This involved a complex journey: 

  • Haul from Armenia port to Texas port: The wine was transferred from the Armenian port to a port in Texas, necessitating careful handling and coordination to assure its safety and quality.


  • Custom clearance at the port: T3RA Logistics coordinated the customs clearance procedure to ensure compliance with all rules and standards for importing wine into the United States.


  • Pick up from Texas to delivery in Sacramento, CA warehouse: Following clearance, the wine was picked up and brought to Franzese Wines’ operations warehouse in Sacramento, California.


  • Unload at the delivery location: Keeping Franzese Wines’ dedication to quality and attention to detail intact, T3RA Logistics made certain that the wine was unloaded with the utmost care. 


By partnering with T3RA Logistics, Franzese Wines successfully expanded their distribution network and boosted sales. This collaboration enabled them to enter new markets and forge valuable connections with additional retailers.

T3RA offered an affordable and dependable logistics solution, facilitating the transportation of the wine. This strategic partnership not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also fostered greater loyalty towards Franzese Wines.

The company’s unique approach to introducing Armenian wine to the U.S. market is complemented by this robust distribution strategy, aiming to make distinctive wines accessible to a broader audience.


Franzese Wines and T3RA Logistics have partnered to share a narrative of optimism, resiliency, and metamorphosis rather than merely shipping wine. In addition to introducing Armenian wine to the US through their partnership, Franzese Wines has sent a potent message of inspiration and atonement.

The voyage of Franzese Wines serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and do something worthwhile, regardless of your background. 

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