Our Process





Business Challenges

  • $Implementing AI and blockchain together to address complex logistics challenges.
  • $Design a system with continuous and real-time freight visibility.
  • $Harnessing data points to deliver business insights for streamlining each delivery.
  • $Minimizing empty miles to help reduce the global carbon footprint.
  • $Seamless payment structure for carriers within a minimal amount of time.

Product Users

T3RA is a multifaceted logistical solution connecting different parts of the modern logistics and supply chain endpoints.

Quantitative Research

These numbers & stats genuinely inspire us to design the ultimate logistics solution to serve the global logistics industry by helping more shippers & truckers upgrade their businesses.


66.2 Million

Global Air Freight
Volume in 2021

$8.6 Trillion

Global logistics market’s existing size

64 million TEU

Global Ocean Freight Traffic in 2021


Increase in Global Trade Value of Goods and Services from $6.45 trillion in 2000 to $22.4 trillion in 2021.


is the second largest global exporter

of goods, with a volume of $1754.5

billion in 2021

User Needs

  • $Versatile logistics solutions that leverage the modern technology to drive their shipping & trucking businesses ahead that address the ever-increasing demand of global trade volume.
  • $Instant visibility for each shipment to obtain more insights for streamlining freight movement across their entire shipping journey.
  • $Carriers needs real-time map and weather updates to automatically choose the best route for each delivery by minimizing empty miles and unwanted traffic issues.

Features & Functionalities

To resolve user needs

Unstoppable freight movement.

Smart load booking & carrier evaluation with ensured payment cycle.

TMS integration and data insights for informed business decisions.

Product User Challenges

  • $Employing technology to reduce overall shipping costs.
  • $Improving supply chain visibility during the entire shipping journey.
  • $Handle the shortage of carriers and their favored schedule for moving freight.
  • $Driving sustainable growth for both shipping and trucking businesses.

Unique Features

  • $Smart network of warehouses situated over more than 1000,000 kilometers
  • $Automated load matching through a single interface to cater to demand fluctuations.
  • $Unmatched capacity for shippers to choose from a wide variety of trailers & carriers.